This website is closing down around August 19, 2014

I have been doing the site for 13 years and I want to retire. Christina and I have been 50-50 partners and I have sent a truck load of money to Florida.

Christina intends to start another site. Please support her in any future projects. I am giving her about 60 unused sets.

1) Member's re-billing will automatically be cancelled.

2) There will be one more movie for July and three more movies posted in August.

3) I don't know when Christina's new site will be running.

Set 1367 Posted July 22, 2014

Set 1368 Posted July 25, 2014

Movie Jul14 Blue Posted 7-27-14

Set 1369 Posted July 29, 2014

Set 1370 Posted August 01, 2014

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